Texas Hill Country Wildflowers, bluebonnets, paintbrush, indian blanket
Texas Hill Country Wildflower Cards
Prints that are cards - Cards that are prints
Card's front is a  5.3 in. x 8.3 in. print.
Open dimensions 8.37 in. x 10.87 in.
Card opened to view the front and the back.
 Coreopsis greeting card on long-life matte heavyeight paper
Which beautiful wildflower
at one time was thought to
destroy the soil but actually
restores an important
chemical to the soil? The
answer can be found in plant
notes on the card's back.
Common Name
Scientific Name
Plant Notes
What's the reason for a
flower's scientific  name?
Where and when does it
bloom? What are some
other plants related to it?
Copyright will not be across the face of the actual card.
Suitable for framing, cards are printed on
long-life matte heavyweight paper.
Click on any wildflower listed below to view the print on its card.
Texas Bluebonnet Card
Purple Coneflower Card
Wildflowers Card
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Indian Paintbrush Portrait Card
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Indian Paintbrush Portrait Card
Bluebell Gentian Silhouette Card
Slender-Leaf Hymenoxys Card
Indian Blanket Card
Coreopsis Card
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Indian Blanket Silhouette Card
Coreopsis Oval Card
Western Spiderwort Silhouette Card
Indian Blanket Collage Card
Coreopsis Collage Card
Stemless Evening Primrose Card
Greenthread Card
Purple Horsemint WC Card
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