Texas Hill Country Wildflowers, bluebonnets, paintbrush, indian blanket
Texas Hill Country Wildflowers
Did you know that blue-eyed
grass is not a grass, but a
member of the Iris family?
Coreopsis on greeting card using long-life matte heavyweight paper
Card PC5-Coreopsis
Plant notes on the back of the cards
provide interesting tidbits of information
like that given above about blue-eyed
grass. The plant's common and scientific
names with an explanation of their
naming is given. Other common names,
general time of bloom, and a few plants in
the family are also given.

These wildflowers were photographed in
their native Texas Hill Country setting.

Cards are printed on long-life matte
heavyweight paper and prints on long-life
ultra smooth premium glossy paper.
P28-Bluebonnet Print
Monitors vary in color reproduction,
so the color you see on yours may
not be exactly like the card or print
you are viewing.
All prints and cards are originals photographed and printed by David Coppin.
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Texas bluebonnet print on premium glossy long-life paper
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